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    • Foro internacional administración de la salud : enfoques, tendencias, propuestas 

      Escuela de Administración de Negocios para Graduados ( Universidad ESAN, 1994 )
      Expertos de Argentina, Brasil, Colombia, Costa Rica, Chile, Estados Unidos, México y Perú exponen los más recientes planteamientos relacionados tanto con la problemática asociada a la prestación de servicios de salud. Sobre ...
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    • Value and quality creation: natural resources industrialization and standards of living in Peru 1950 to 1997 

      Roca, Santiago; Simabuko, Luis ( Universidad ESAN. ESAN Ediciones, 1999-12-30 )
      One of the most current Issues in the economic debate is that of the productive vocation of the country: to achieve development based on the exploitation of natural resources or industrialization; however the basis of the ...
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    • Regulación del medio ambiente y competitividad 

      Panayotou, Theodore; Vincent, Jeffrey R. ( Universidad ESAN. ESAN Ediciones, 1999-12-30 )
      Environmental regulations can affect productivity in various ways: diverting inputs to the so-called non-productive uses or originating less efficient production processes. Adequate environmental regulations should generate ...
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    • Retos actuales de las empresas japonesas 

      Umezu, Hiroyoshi ( Universidad ESAN. ESAN Ediciones, 1999-12-30 )
      Information technologies and telecommunications are advancing at high speed consequently the companies that maintain valuable information today will be the winners in this competitive global market. Japanese companies ...
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    • Cross-cultural construct complexity: an initial empirical analysis of Perú 

      Luque, Mary Sully de; Matute, Genaro ( Universidad ESAN. ESAN Ediciones, 1999-12-30 )
      Cross-cultural scholars continually request empirical research that broadens the complexity of culture. We examine the effects of culture following the broad conception of cultural constructs as cultural syndromes that are ...
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    • Antropología corporativa y competitividad en la región Asia - Pacífico 

      Kikuchi, Yasushi ( Universidad ESAN. ESAN Ediciones, 1999-12-30 )
      In this exhibition I will deal with corporate anthropology. Why do we link this topic to business activities in the Asia-Pacific region? Because anthropologists study cultural diversity. Culture is not one; Every ethnic ...
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    • International banking: its role in Florida's economy at the outset of the twenty-first century 

      Roussakis, Emmanuel; Thomakos, Dimitrios ( Universidad ESAN. ESAN Ediciones, 2001-12-30 )
      One of the most remarkable economic developments of the 1970s for the State of Florida was its emergence in the international financial world. Florida's economy which until then was essentially relying on tourism agriculture ...
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    • Foro: Balance y perspectivas de la modernización del sector salud 

      Tejada de Rivero, David ( Universidad ESAN. ESAN Ediciones, 2001-12-30 )
      The theme of this forum is "Balance and perspectives of the modernization of the health sector." But, do we have a single concept of what health is and what the sector is? Is the sector the most convenient as a subject of ...
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    • Speed Runner S.A. 

      Tateishi, Víctor ( Universidad ESAN. ESAN Ediciones, 2001-12-30 )
      The case presents a production company that intends to maintain its distribution and sales policies in a context of recession. In this sense, it is presented for discussion and exchange of ideas. In the middle of the ...
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    • La vida útil de un activo y política de reemplazo de activos 

      Bravo, Sergio; Cueto, Diego ( Universidad ESAN. ESAN Ediciones, 2001-12-30 )
      In evaluating investment projects, an important aspect is the determination of the useful life of assets for their use in topics such as the replacement of assets or the perpetuity of investments. This text aims to develop ...
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    • Evaluación de campañas publicitarias mediante modelos econométricos: el caso de la campaña de ahorro de energía eléctrica 1995-1998 

      Simabuko, Luis ( Universidad ESAN. ESAN Ediciones, 2001-12-30 )
      Economic theory indicates that energy consumption is a demand derived from the consumption of electrical appliances from which short-term and long-term demand can be derived. From these two approximations two basic models ...
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    • Ojo por ojo 

      Tateishi, Víctor ( Universidad ESAN. ESAN Ediciones, 2001-12-30 )
      Case directed to the logistic administration of a company. It is aimed at discussing the purchasing policy of both the institute and the clinical section.
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    • El futuro de la desintermediación en los servicios turísticos : ¿una evolución en las competencias? 

      Regalado Pezúa, Otto; Viardot, Eric ( Universidad ESAN, 2002 )
      El artículo presenta el inicio de una investigación en marcha sobre la evolución de las competencias de las empresas como resultado de las nuevas tecnologías en los servicios turísticos. Después de definir la desintermediación ...
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    • El rol de la tecnología en la creación de países ricos y pobres : el subdesarrollo en un sistema schumpeteriano 

      Reinert, Erik ( Universidad ESAN. ESAN Ediciones, 2002-06-01 )
      This study seeks to show that the dynamics of the Schumpeterian economy, besides explaining the generation of wealth, contains implicit elements of a theory of relative poverty. It aims to explain the role played by ...
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    • Aprendizaje organizacional en organizaciones profesionales 

      Arbaiza, Lydia ( Universidad ESAN. ESAN Ediciones, 2002-06-01 )
      This work examines at the exploratory level formal or informal organizational learning mechanisms that are present in organizations of professionals from the case of studies or law firms. This first approximation results ...
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    • Impacto del marco institucional en el desarrollo de las organizaciones empresariales en el Perú 

      Díaz, Antonio ( Universidad ESAN. ESAN Ediciones, 2002-06-01 )
      Exploratory research that seeks to identify aspects of the country's institutions that have influenced and influence, positively or negatively, the development of business organizations in Peru. The model designed shows ...
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    • Latinoamérica y la cultura en el siglo XXI 

      Giesecke, Margarita ( Universidad ESAN. ESAN Ediciones, 2002-06-01 )
      This study deals with Latin American culture from the perspective of history and as an essential theme to understand the complexity of the problem of underdevelopment. It examines what is meant by culture, traces the history ...
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    • Noa Industrias S.A.: un caso de éxito en el Parque Industrial de Villa El Salvador 

      Arbaiza, Lydia ( Universidad ESAN. ESAN Ediciones, 2002-06-01 )
      The success story about the growth of a small home furniture manufacturing company located in the Industrial Park of Villa El Salvador is shown in this work. In order to ensure customer satisfaction and loyalty models and ...
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    • Corazón remendado 

      Tateishi, Víctor ( Universidad ESAN. ESAN Ediciones, 2002-06-01 )
      This work studies the case of a hospital specialized in neurological surgery and how top management in order to improve their services decides to hire three specialized doctors with studies abroad with special considerations ...
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    • 10 years of service quality measurement: reviewing the use of the servqual instrument 

      Nyeck, Simon; Morales, Miguel; Ladhari, Riadh; Pons, Frank ( Universidad ESAN. ESAN Ediciones, 2002-12-01 )
      In 1988, Parasuraman, Zeithaml, and Berry developed an instrument to measure the quality of service. Since that date, this instrument has been used in numerous studies on different industries and in different countries, ...
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