Recent Submissions

  • Propuesta para la reorganización pluridepartamental del Perú 

    Alcabés, Nissim ( Universidad ESAN. ESAN Ediciones, 2007-06-01 )
    This paper discusses the transition from the present single-department regions to a structure of multiple-department regions. It discusses the convenience of creating a pilot region and provides some criteria to create ...
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  • Haciendo viable la minería peruana:el caso de minería Gold Land 

    Centeno Rojas, Adolfo ( Universidad ESAN. ESAN Ediciones, 2007-06-01 )
    Although mining is at present a signifi cant source of foreign currency fl ows to Peru, it went through times of crisis when metal quotations dropped. Many international mining majors weathered the crises with the fi nancial ...
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  • Políticas de fomento ala competitividad de la pequeña empresa 

    Vargas, Braulio ( Universidad ESAN. ESAN Ediciones, 2007-06-01 )
    In 2003 the Peruvian government launched a second wave of decentralization and devolution initiatives to the sub-national governments. The move aimed at fostering development, economic growth and job creation with a strong ...
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  • Cía. minera Milpo S.A.A.: valorización de una empresa minera 

    Mendiola, Alfredo ( Universidad ESAN. ESAN Ediciones, 2007-06-01 )
    Bailey Investments Inc. (BII) was restructuring their investment portfolio and examining the possibility of extending their exposure towards the Peruvian mining industry. Specifi cally, they were interested in investing ...
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