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    • 10 years of service quality measurement: reviewing the use of the SERVQUAL instrument 

      Nyeck, Simon; Morales, Miguel; Ladhari, Riadh; Pons, Frank ( Universidad ESAN. ESAN Ediciones, 2002-12-30 )
      In 1988, Parasuraman, Zeithaml, and Berry developed an instrument to measure the quality of service. Since that date, this instrument has been used in numerous studies on different industries and in different countries, ...
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    • A propósito de la privatización de Petroperú: negocios independientes o integración vertical 

      Roca, Santiago ( Universidad ESAN. ESAN Ediciones, 1995-06-30 )
      It analyzes the various sales modalities raised in view of the privatization of the state oil company, Petroperú, mainly the modality of subdivision into independent businesses proposed by the Special Committee for the ...
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    • A propósito del enfoque BCG 

      Esteves Dejo, Martha Cecilia ( Universidad ESAN. ESAN Ediciones, 1992-03-30 )
      It raises some of the limitations of the Boston Consulting Group (BCG) method, a successful consulting product considered a simple tool that helps to comprehensively understand the decisions a company makes about its future. ...
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    • Abuso de poder económico, acaparamiento y especulación 

      Stucchi, Pierino; Ballon Estacio, Fernando ( Universidad ESAN, 2021-12-11 )
      This article addresses the recent legislative developments on the crimes of abuse of economic power, hoarding and speculation in the Peruvian jurisdiction, as well as the inconvenience that its validity represents for the ...
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    • Un acercamiento al concepto de cultura 

      Podestá C., Paola ( Universidad ESAN. ESAN Ediciones, 2006-12-30 )
      The following article, derived from a research conducted in an organization that belongs to the airline industry, intends to approach the concept of Culture from two theoretical viewpoints, and propose a possibility of ...
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    • Actividad empresarial y rol promotor del estado en la constitución peruana de 1993 

      Gasco Valer, María del Carmen ( Universidad ESAN, 2022-06-24 )
      This article proposes a constitutional approach of the role of Government in Economy, and the principle of subsidiarity in the 1993 Peruvian Constitution. The proposal discusses the generally accepted notion of promotion ...
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    • La administración del desarrollo sostenible en el contexto de la economía social de mercado 

      Vera, José Carlos ( Universidad ESAN. ESAN Ediciones, 2007-12-30 )
      The theory of market social economy appears neatly when dealing with environmental conservation and the search for the wellbeing of the underprivileged. These concepts have been used in various countries and today it is ...
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    • La administración pública en Gran Bretaña 

      Plowden, William ( Universidad ESAN. ESAN Ediciones, 1993-12-30 )
      This article focuses on the central national government of Great Britain. It outlines the most important permanent features of the British administration, those which have remained constant over the past hundred years or ...
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    • Adopción e implementación del comercio electrónico por empresas medianas en el Perú: un estudio de casos 

      Yamakawa Tsuja, Peter; Serida Nishimura, Jaime ( Universidad ESAN. ESAN Ediciones, 2002-12-30 )
      This paper examines the factors associated with the adoption of electronic commerce and the relationship between these factors and the degree of implementation of this technology in medium-sized companies in Peru. It does ...
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    • Adoption determinants of the International Accounting Standards IAS/IFRS by the developing countries 

      Zehri, Fatma; Chouaibi, Jamel ( Universidad ESAN. ESAN Ediciones, 2013-12-30 )
      This paper’s main objective is to identify certain explanatory factors that likely clarify the choice of applying IAS/IFRS adopted by developing countries (DCs) up until the year 2008. Based on a sample consisting of 74 ...
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    • ADR effects on domestic Latin American financial market 

      Mendiola Cabrera, Alfredo ( Universidad ESAN. ESAN Ediciones, 2010-06-30 )
      The purpose of this paper is to revisit and extend previous research work that examines the ADR-listing effects on the trading process of all the domestically-listed stocks in the main Latin American exchanges. The most ...
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    • Agencia moral de la empresa: el aporte del análisis causal aristotélico 

      Preziosa, María Marta ( Universidad ESAN. ESAN Ediciones, 2006-12-30 )
      The initial question about the ontological status of the corporation precedes the question about its moral status. The Aristotelian causes are constitutive principles of reality that infl uence each other reciprocally and ...
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    • Agency costs and the size discount: evidence from acquisitions 

      Offenberg, David ( Universidad ESAN. ESAN Ediciones, 2010-12-30 )
      Many scholars have found a negative relationship between a firm’s size and its value, as measured by Tobin’s q. This result is called the size discount. There are hypotheses about why the size discount exists, but none ...
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    • Agotamiento del derecho de marca, importaciones paralelas y comercio internacional 

      Benites Arrieta, Gabriel ( Universidad ESAN, 2023-12-31 )
      The principle of exhaustion of rights is one of the most discussed matters in intellectual property law, forming part of a debate that has not culminated in a global agreement. However, its application is present in all ...
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    • Aid allocation, selectivity, and the quality of governance 

      In’airat, Mohammad ( Universidad ESAN. ESAN Ediciones, 2014-06-30 )
      The introduction of good governance in the economic growth and development agenda in the last two decades, along with the failure of aid conditionality to produce positive growth results, motivated ex-post selectivity ...
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    • Airports’ public infrastructure and sources of inefficiency 

      Ripoll-Zarraga, Ane Elixabete ( Universidad ESAN. ESAN Ediciones, 2023-06-30 )
      Purpose: The Spanish airport system contains several regional airports within an amenity distance and alternative travel modes. Profitable airports cross-subsidise small airports, which are not required for regional ...
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    • An alternative formula for the constant growth model 

      Forsyth, Juan A. ( Universidad ESAN. ESAN Ediciones, 2019-12-01 )
      Purpose – The traditional one-stage constant growth formula has two main underlying assumptions: a company will be able to maintain its competitive advantage for completed investments in perpetuity and each year in the ...
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    • Ambiente y TLC: el pacto de gobernabilidad 

      Rosell, Mónica ( Universidad ESAN. ESAN Ediciones, 2007-12-30 )
      This paper aims at providing, from a sustainable development perspective, an idea about the direction our country will take once the US-Peru FTA is enforced, regarding particularly the environmental, trade and investment ...
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    • Analysing the impact of a business intelligence system and new conceptualizations of system use 

      Gonzales, Rolando; Wareham, Jonathan ( Universidad ESAN. ESAN Ediciones, 2019-12-01 )
      Purpose – In this study three models were empirically compared the DeLone and McLean model the Seddon model and the Modified Seddon model by measuring the impact of a business intelligence system (BIS) in companies in Peru. ...
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    • Analysing the linkage between total factor productivity and tourism growth in Latin American countries 

      Tzeremes, Panayiotis ( Universidad ESAN. ESAN Ediciones, 2022-12-28 )
      Purpose: The study aims to investigate the nexus between total factor productivity and tourism growth in Latin American countries for time series data from 1995 to 2017. Design/methodology/approach: Using the extension of ...
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