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  • The relevance of using accounting fundamentals in the Mexican stock market 

    Dorantes Dosamantes, Carlos Alberto ( Universidad ESAN. ESAN Ediciones, 2013-10-30 )
    This paper examines the value relevance of accounting fundamentals in the Mexican Stock Market ([BMV] – Bolsa Mexicana de Valores). The research question that motivated the paper was: Can accounting fundamentals provide ...
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  • Retos de la gestión pública: presupuesto por resultados y rendición de cuentas 

    Franciskovic, Jubitza ( Universidad ESAN. ESAN Ediciones, 2013-10-30 )
    Document searches draw attention to the need to discuss, theoretically and practically, the challenges that must be faced by public administration in the management of preparing a budget by results and accountability, ...
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  • Estudio del efecto tamaño en el mercado bursátil colombiano 

    Duarte Duarte, Juan Benjamín; Ramírez León, Zulay Yesenia; Mascareñas Pérez-Iñigo, Juan Manuel ( Universidad ESAN. ESAN Ediciones, 2013-10-30 )
    In this paper we analyze the historical returns of the companies listed on the Colombian stock exchange, from January 2004 until June 2012, in order to determine the possible presence of a risk premium in smaller companies ...
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  • Foro: Balance y perspectivas de la modernización del sector salud 

    Tejada de Rivero, David ( Universidad ESAN. ESAN Ediciones, 2001-12-30 )
    The theme of this forum is "Balance and perspectives of the modernization of the health sector." But, do we have a single concept of what health is and what the sector is? Is the sector the most convenient as a subject of ...
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  • Speed Runner S.A. 

    Tateishi, Víctor ( Universidad ESAN. ESAN Ediciones, 2001-12-30 )
    The case presents a production company that intends to maintain its distribution and sales policies in a context of recession. In this sense, it is presented for discussion and exchange of ideas. In the middle of the ...
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  • Cadenas productivas: una alternativa para afrontar la integración regional 

    Pierce Diez Canseco, Leslie ( Universidad ESAN. ESAN Ediciones, 2003-06-30 )
    The dynamism of the trade integration process within Latin America opens up opportunities and risks for Peru. The great opportunity to access larger and more developed markets than ours also means the risk of greater ...
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  • Cross-cultural construct complexity: an initial empirical analysis of Perú 

    Luque, Mary Sully de; Matute, Genaro ( Universidad ESAN. ESAN Ediciones, 1999-12-30 )
    Cross-cultural scholars continually request empirical research that broadens the complexity of culture. We examine the effects of culture following the broad conception of cultural constructs as cultural syndromes that are ...
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  • Antropología corporativa y competitividad en la región Asia - Pacífico 

    Kikuchi, Yasushi ( Universidad ESAN. ESAN Ediciones, 1999-12-30 )
    In this exhibition I will deal with corporate anthropology. Why do we link this topic to business activities in the Asia-Pacific region? Because anthropologists study cultural diversity. Culture is not one; Every ethnic ...
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  • Desarrollo sostenible en turismo: una propuesta para Machu Picchu 

    Regalado Pezúa, Otto; Arias Valencia, Jesús ( Universidad ESAN. ESAN Ediciones, 2006-06-30 )
    Raising awareness about the environmental risks faced by the Historical Sanctuary of Machu Picchu, providing tools for thinking that will contribute to addressing the Sanctuary’s problems,and finally, contributing to the ...
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  • An empirical study of the relationships betwen corruption, capital leakages and country risk: part I 

    Bouchet, Michel; Groslambert, Bertrand ( Universidad ESAN. ESAN Ediciones, 2006-06-30 )
    This paper investigates the relationship between corruption and capital flight in developing countries. Part I tackles the challenge of defining and measuring capital flight, as well as the various root causes of expatriated ...
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  • Influencia de los corredores económicos en la producción de limón de exportación en la región Piura 

    Soto Plasencia, Mercedes ( Universidad ESAN. ESAN Ediciones, 2006-06-30 )
    This paper uses the approaches and concepts of competitive and comparative advantage modelsand the principles of economic corridors, including production chains, clusters and conglomerates,to analyze the potential for ...
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  • Impacto de las remesas de los peruanos residentes en Japón 

    Vela Borda, Joel ( Universidad ESAN. ESAN Ediciones, 2006-06-30 )
    This study analyzes the significance of remittances from Peruvian residents in Japan to Peru to their families and the Peruvian economy at large, as well as the extent to which such financial assistance is contributing to ...
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  • FICASAC: Fideos en casa S.A.C. 

    Mendiola Cabrera, Alfredo; Villanes, Liz ( Universidad ESAN. ESAN Ediciones, 2006-06-30 )
    Faced with the imminent entry of the industry leader into the market where Ficasac operates, themanagement of this company met to analyze and ultimately approve the convenience of expandingthe product line. However, during ...
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  • Coppermine: riesgos de la no concentración 

    Jáuregui, Kety; Centeno, Adolfo; Solano, David ( Universidad ESAN. ESAN Ediciones, 2005-12-30 )
    Major greenfield mining projects are usually surrounded by conflict between the mining company and neighboring communities caused as much by the operator’s mistakes as by anti-mining coalitions and other organized groups ...
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  • Responsabilidad social corporativa: qué se hace y qué debe hacerse 

    Solano, David ( Universidad ESAN. ESAN Ediciones, 2005-12-30 )
    Corporate Social Responsibility has caught the attention of the business community worldwide because consumer and capital markets now champion or punish a company for its relationship with its environment. But this approach ...
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  • Una misión educativa 

    Brown, Ofelia ( Universidad ESAN. ESAN Ediciones, 2005-12-30 )
    This case study describes an initiative by a computer engineer to develop an innovative teaching method. The company providing financial support has as their sole motivation the altruistic purpose of improving education ...
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  • Oro de los Andes 

    Morán, María Rosa ( Universidad ESAN. ESAN Ediciones, 2005-12-30 )
    This case study poses the problem of a mining company and their activities in the Ancash Department. Despite the vast quantity of natural and cultural resources in the region, the communities are not developed, lacking ...
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  • Las empresas ante su desafío histórico: de la acumulación egoísta a la responsabilidad social 

    Dejo, Federico ( Universidad ESAN. ESAN Ediciones, 2005-12-30 )
    When the first productive organizations of the pre-industrial era appeared, man noticed that the development of these organizations had a negative impact, especially in terms of labor exploitation. However, man also foresaw ...
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  • Las prácticas de "doble rol" en los gobiernos corporativos de empresas chilenas 

    Vega, Orlando de la ( Universidad ESAN. ESAN Ediciones, 2005-12-30 )
    This project is an exploratory investigation on the mal practices of corporate government associated with the «double role» that some shareholders assume in a private or public company (totally orpartially state-owned). ...
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  • Integración de la ética en la gestión de las personas y los medios para lograr la sostenibilidad del cambio 

    Pou Munt, Guillermo ( Universidad ESAN. ESAN Ediciones, 2005-12-30 )
    Ethics is a key concept in management, yet it’s meaning is reduced to signify just good will. Ethics must be an important part of management, as companies should take actions based on objective and conclusive principles. ...
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