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    • Role of tourist destination development in building its brand image: A conceptual model 

      Manhas, Parikshat S.; Manrai, Lalita A.; Manrai, Ajay K. ( Universidad ESAN. ESAN Ediciones, 2016-06-01 )
      Tourism is truly an international/global industry. Tourism is vital to the economy of a country and sustainable tourism development requires an understanding of the complex interrelationships and interactions among a ...
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    • La tasa interna de retorno promedio borrosa: desarrollos y aplicaciones 

      Milanesi, Gastón S. ( Universidad ESAN. ESAN Ediciones, 2016-06-01 )
      The paper introduces the average internal rate of return (AIRR) into the mathematic fuzzy's frame, like alternative method for estimating returns in ambiguity situations. In the first part it is developed the AIRR and its ...
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