Holistic evaluation of the current situation of an organic banana exporter medium-size Peruvian company: What alternatives does Anpro have to remain competitive in the sector and profitable to shareholders?

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I used a two-stage methodology. Firstly, I analyzed the current situation of the company, including its operations, profitability, and how other companies in the banana sector are functioning. This helped me gain a better understanding of the company. In the second stage, I applied Design Thinking to establish new strategic targets based on the attributes that were important to the stakeholders. These targets aimed to maintain the company's profitability and sustainability. In the initial stage, it has been observed the lack of strategic planning based on customers' and farmers' preferences, absence of cost analysis, no cash flow projections, and insufficient management in Piura. Following the second stage, after analyzing the feedback from stakeholders during interviews, nine strategic recommendations have been proposed. These include auditing inventories, implementing backward vertical integration, restructuring short-term liabilities to long-term, hiring a new production manager, developing key performance indicators, creating a loyalty program with farmers, investing in live reports using ERP (SAP), diversifying the customer base, and investing in tractors/trucks. Based on the available evidence, it appears that ANPRO has the ability to thrive as a successful and enduring business. The product is in demand, customers are showing interest, and farmers have placed their trust in ANPRO. However, in addition to making internal changes, the company must urgently seek out a finangcial institution willing to provide sustainable, long-term funding, as well as consider recommendations for reprofiling and backward vertical integration.
Planificación de la empresa, Planificación estratégica, Industrias de exportación, Empresas medianas, Bananas, Frutas, Rentabilidad